Sunday, December 07, 2008

Prodigal Blogger

It seems that I have a problem. I am not very good at updating my blog. I have come to a couple conclusions as to why this might be a problem.

1. Time - sure that tends to be the over-arcing reason for just about anything these days. But there is truth to my busy schedule.

2. Boring life - My life is filled with my wonderful blessings, but sometimes the mundane life kicks in and no one event seems blog worthy. My last MAJOR accomplishment was the TC marathon in October - and you will see, that is my last entry. When I actually find time to write, I search my brain for something to debate or announce but nothing rises to the top.

3. Screening information - I do not want to have something I write to be held against me. Example: At the end of October the company I work for went through some MAJOR changes. I did want to blog about that - but I thought better of it as to not regret anything I post. (I've read WAY too many articles about people losing their jobs over blogs, myspace, and facebook.)

So you see I have thought of my little blog. But my overconscientious mind got the best of me.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

TCM - #2 Complete!

It might not have been the prettiest of finishes, but a finish is a finish. I completed my 2nd marathon today at 5 hours and 45 minutes. I was pleased to be able to run despite my plagued summer of injuries. Yet even though I can hardly walk right now - I'm still thinking about that next marathon.

Last year we ran the "hot" Twin Cities marathon and today it was the "wet" one. At mile 5 (around Lakes Calhoun and Harriet) it started to downpour. At first it felt good and kind of brave to run in the ran, but after running through several puddles, my shoes were soaking wet and very heavy. This made for a difficult next 10-15 miles. By mile 20 I started to get some energy and the weather improved. I was able to stay very focused and lucid to the end. I was never really able to go very fast because of my injured foot and under trained legs, but I listened to my body and stayed the course.

We always wish for faster and better, but today I am thankful to have a supportive family, faithful running group, and a healthy, determined body.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TCM - 4 Days

Though it seems like a while since I began training for this marathon, part of me would love to go back and start over.

This summer has been a struggle for marathon training. I made it out every Saturday morning, but it always seemed like something went wrong - shin splints, had to set up a water stop for my running group, plantar fascitis....and the list of excuses continue.

But the fact is that on Sunday at 8am I will begin my second marathon whether I am trained sufficiently or not. This is a journey that I will begin and with the grace of God - finish.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

TCM - 7 Miles

Thanks to the strong will (or annoyance) of my mother, I was able to push myself to the 7 mile mark this past Saturday. Sure that might not sound like much after I was able to accomplish a marathon last fall, but after taking all of winter and spring off - I'm starting back to the basics. (in my new asics!)

We were at the family cottage this weekend and I knew that my running group was doing 7 on Saturday. We all drove out to the county road near the cottage. My Dad and Didrik dropped off my mom and I and drove ahead to mile 3 to act as a water stop. Mentally it really helped to know that van was there throughout the run. My mom ran the entire thing with me (she's 64!) and she probably could have done it a lot faster than me but she let me set the pace.

I did have some shin splint swelling during the first 3 miles that got me a bit concerned, but the second have of the run went a lot more smoothly and the pain went away.

Today my legs are sore but my Zumba class helped to loosen them up.


Friday, June 20, 2008

TCM - The Shoes

Last weekend my parents took me to Rogan's in Eau Claire to buy me a new pair of running shoes. I knew that I needed to get a 1/2 size bigger shoe in order to compensate for swelling feet during long runs (after the blisters from last year, I needed to make a change).

After trying on several pairs of shoes and not finding the right fit, my mom had me try a pair of asics - they were $125! I've never had running shoes that expensive. But my parents bought them for me anyway (you're never too old to get random gifts from parents). At that price maybe the shoes will do the work for me!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 TCM

It's that time again - summer. For some that means a slower pace and a chance to enjoy the warm weather. But for me, I need to conquer my weakness once again.

A couple of months ago I signed up to run the 2008 Twin Cities Marathon. The funny thing - I did it with out really thinking about what I was doing. I knew that I had to give this beast another shot after last year's hot mess. But I really haven't been running much at all and I've put on about an extra 10-15 lbs. This is all going to play out when I begin training in a couple of weeks. The schedule is set, I know what I must do, and now I just have to do it!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Return on Investment

(here is me on my first day at the Caribou outside of my new office)

Well all, I am sure you have been dying to know...the suit paid off! I have a new job and today was my first day. I am the new Congregational Inside Sales Representative at Augsburg Fortress in Minneapolis, MN. It was a great first day filled with trainings and meetings. Of course I'm just geeky enough to enjoy learning about all of AF's products. This is a great fit for me because I get to enjoy working with congregations and their ministries but I stay out of the day-to-day dramaof the congregation and my schedule is M-F 8am-4:30pm...does it get any better?

I will miss the YMCA but I'm still going to teach fitness classes for a couple of different branches.